VISI 2016 R1
VISI 2016 R1 |  Modelling

VISI 2016 R1 CAD delivers a number of enhancements to the graphical user interface (GUI), and major updates for sketching and element editing. Other significant items include developments to Parts Revision, Snapshot, a new combined view/section within the plotview and updated CAD translators.

VISI 2016 R1 |  Mould and Progress

The development focus for VISI Mold and VISI Progress was aimed at design efficiency and user experience. Mold makers will see significant enhancements to cooling, component libraries and a new tool for lubrication grooves. Press tool makers will benefit from major 3D strip upgrades and 'instance' support for punches.

VISI 21 |  2D CAM

VISI 2016 R1 has seen CAM development focus on toolpath reliability, calculation time, simulation and tooling databases. The improvement of the user experience continues with consolidation of commands to simplify toolpath generation and maintain consistency across 2D & 3D toolpath dialogue boxes.